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Brain Drain - Reading and Technical Method for the Intermediate Mallet Player


This book is designed to develop the musical capability of mallet percussionists by helping connect their technical training to music theory. This helps develop both reading skills and musical aptitude at the same time.


Students are guided through a method of color-coding in each chapter that helps them recognize visual patterns. They are also presented with a set of simple exercises, which are designed to be transposed into several keys, that help link technique and reading in a way that develops holistic musicianship.


133 Pages


Includes etudes by:

  • Brian Nozny
  • Brian Mueller
  • Ben Morris
  • Joe W. Moore III
  • Caleb Pickering


Note for teachers: don't forget to purchase the Teacher's Edition, a downloadable insert that includes answers to all of the workboxes and examples of how each etude may be correctly marked up. 

Brain Drain

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